Islam Is The Fastest Growing Major Religion Essay

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As of 2010, there are 1.6 billion people in this world (about 23% of the population) that claim to be Muslims (practicers of the Islamic faith), and Islam is currently the fastest-growing major religion in the entire world (Lipka 2016). Therefore, it is important for us as Christians to understand Islam and how to deal with it, as we will likely have a greater amount of contact with Muslims as their numbers increase. In order to understand Islam properly, it is necessary to look at its founder, Muhammad (though to Muslims, Muhammad is not the founder of Islam but the restorer; they claim Islam to be same religion as that of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus). Muhammad was born sometime between 570-580 A.D. – though 570 A.D. is the generally accepted date – to parents Abdullah and Amina ( n.d.; Carr 2016). Muhammad’s father, Abdullah, died before Muhammad’s birth, just seven months after marrying Muhammad’s mother, Amina ( n.d.). Muhammad’s birthplace was the Arabian city of Mecca (or Makkah), a center of trading and pagan idol worship. The Arabian Peninsula was brutal area during Muhammad’s time. In this harsh climate, the various tribes were often in conflict and self-preservation was the chief focus (The Religion of Peace n.d.). This primitive culture stood in contrast to the developing and advancing world of Europe and the Middle East. Clearly, these factors greatly influenced the life and Muhammah and his religion. Born without a father, Muhammad soon
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