Islam Is The Third Largest Faith

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Currently in the United States, Islam is the third largest faith following Christianity and Judaism (Religious Landscape Study). Sadly, with Islam being the third most popular religion, most Americans hold false views and miss informed judgements towards Muslims community, their practices, and beliefs. Prior to attending the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, I knew very little about my Muslim neighbors. During my time at the mosque, I learned about the Qur’an, how to write in Arabic, and the history of Islam. Islam is the belief of the teachings of Muhammad, who is believed to be the Messenger of God. Muhammad, the last prophet sent by God in 610 A.D, claimed to encounter an angelic visitation which is believed to be the beginning of Islam. Muhammad began preaching the words of Allah (the Arabic word for God) which was later compiled into the text of the Qur’an. The Qur’an did not originate with Muhammad, but contains many of Muhammad’s teachings he spread. The Qur’an contains the Muslim five pillars of Islam. These pillars include Testimony of Faith, Fasting, Charity (zakat), and Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) for those who are able (Enchassi). These five pillars of Islam are the framework to the Muslim beliefs. Along with learning about the history of Islam, it really opened my eyes to how similar the beliefs of my faith, Christianity, is compared to the Muslim faith. Prior to learning about the Islamic faith, I did not realize that Christianity and Islam shared

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