Islam: Islam Is Only Weakness Of Morality

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"The word morality come from a Latin word moralities which means a manner, a way, character and a proper behavior. Its generally refers to a code of a conduct ,which is for an individual group or a society hold as an authoritative, in distinguish right from wrong.
Islam is a comprehensive way of life and it is a complete moral system that is view of the world. We are living in the world where good and evil both are often present. Islam holds the concept of moral position which are not relative but its define the universal standard and the moral actions. Islam’s moral system is not only
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Fear Allah and be with the truthful People”
Allah’s Messenger has nicely explained it that when faith is firm and belief is strong and long lasting moral will be developed and if the moral character is low then faith will accordingly be weak.
A man who harass his neighbor and makes him suffer any kind of damage is called cruel and stone hearted by the religion . In this connection the decision of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)is:
“By God , he cannot be a momin; by God, he cannot be a momin . he was asked : who ? He answered , “he from whose misdeeds his neighbor is not
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But they will not cover behind at the same time in acting in such a way that will be contrary to the demands of the noble character and perfect faith. That type of people have been warned by Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and the ummah has been asked to be careful of them.
A man or a person who commit that type of mistakes of performing the various forms of worship without understand their significance can only be a man who had not understand the spirit of worship or has been unable to that standard.
The problem of morality was much more important. It was necessary that He should have continually provided guidance to his followers. He must give advise to them so that they can make right decision and their heart and mind become clear that faith, goodness and morality are all dependent on one another. They all are connected with each other and no one can be separate them.
Prophet’s Moral
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