Islam: Misunderstood and Misinterpreted

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ISLAM The word Islam is literally translated to "voluntary submission to the Will of God." It is the third monotheistic religion after Judaism and Christianity. The followers of Islam are called Muslims and the Holy Book of the Islamic faith is the Holy Quran. Every Muslim is obliged to believe in what is called Tauheed (Oness of Allah) and the faith in the last and final messenger of Allah, Muhammad (pbuh). Any person who rejects these two fundamentals of the Islamic faith is considered a non-believer. Islam is probably the most misunderstood and misinterpreted religion in the world. This misfortune can be traced back to the day of crusades when Islam was portrayed as a barbaric and pagan religion in the western society. Unfortunately, this misconception prevailed in the western society and hence Islam became to be associated with various misconceptions, false stories, and biased accounts that became part of scholarly articles and "authentic" histories. However, in spite of these misunderstandings, the majority of the people in the west believe whatever they hear around them without actually researching and studying the facts themselves. Muhammad (pbuh) was a normal human being who was given a responsibility to spread a simple divine message of truth, love and peace. The simple message of Islam was to worship One God (The God of Abraham, David, Moses and Jesus) and to speak the truth and fight injustice. Muhammad never claimed divinity nor did he introduce his own God.
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