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Understanding the Islamic Culture its Origin and its Role in the World
Kimberly Sheldon, RN
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Professor Donnisha Lugo

Understanding the Islamic Culture its Origin and its Role in the World
Islamic studies has become a subject of strategic importance in our multicultural society. With all of the political upheaval and ever present fear of extremism and terrorism in the world today, it is essential to promote the understanding of Islam and the role Muslims have in the contemporary world. To do this, one must first have an understanding of the culture and religious tenets surrounding Islam, compare and contrast these beliefs with Christianity and Judaism, and discuss how the perceptions or
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The Bible is said to be inspired by the words of God and the Qur’an is believed to be Allah’s literal words. Both have prophets, Mohammed and Jesus. Mohammed is believed to have been given the words of Allah which he transcribed as the Qur’an. Jesus, believed to be the son of God, preached the word of God which was written after his crucifixion by his disciples and other scholars of the time producing the Bible. In both Christianity and Islam, women have an inferior status to all men. Both religious groups focus a majority of their practices on charity and prayer, but in the Islamic religion their practice also centers on law, justice rules for daily life and destruction of non-believers. In Islam, government exists to uphold the laws found in the Qur’an, unlike the Christian religion where there is separation between government and religion.
In the United States, the Muslim religion is practiced in a more secular way. This is because the government in the U.S. is democratic and therefore allows more flexibility in the practice of religion where as in other countries with a more theocratic government, religion is more restricted. Because of this, Muslims in the U.S are free to dress as they like, may decide whether to maintain the strict rules regarding foods they eat or to eat a more American diet and may not follow the schedule of prayers as strictly as those in more theocratic countries. Muslims in the U.S. represent about 1% of the population but the number is
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