Islam, Religion Of Equality

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Sheraz Shan Hussain Professor Iris Belen English 101 03 May 2017 ISLAM, RELIGION OF EQUALITY. Islam, a derivative of Arabic word “Saleema” signifying peace and submission has, since ancient times, offered equality for all human being irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity or color. A series of Prophets were send after Adam with a message of love and equality for one another and believe in the unity of God. The last great messenger before Muhammad was Jesus. Mentioned twenty five times in the Quran, Jesus is called the Messiah, the son of a virgin, and one who brought great signs from God. His message, the Gospel, is confirmed and described as consistent with the messages of all prophets. (Sonn, Tamara. Islam. Wiley. 2015). When the…show more content…
From the life of the Last Prophet, there are many incidents in his life, where people can learn many things and can help humanity to help one another, to appreciate one another and to create a society where everyone is treated equally. From one of the famous inspiring incidents, a companion of the Last Prophet Muhammad, his name was Abu Zar Ghaffari, he had a little altercation with a worker, whose mother was from Africa, who was dark in color. In that altercation, the companion said one sentence as they were arguing, the companion says “O son of a black woman”. The worker immediately went to the Last Prophet Muhammad and complained on what the companion had said to him. After the Prophet met with Abu Zar, he confronted him by asking about the altercation. The prophet did not repeat the same words because it was a serious matter and the prophet did not want to even repeat those words. He told the Prophet that everything you mention in the altercation is true. Then the Last Prophet Muhammad said:“ O Abu Zar, you are a man, who still have the qualities in you from the period of ignorance, before Islam, where people used derogatory terms to their fathers, mothers or one another. This is a major sin.” That’s why, whether a Muslim or a non-Muslim, we the people should never use these kind of words to one another. Muslims

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