Islam Religion Of Peace Or War Essay

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Islam a Religion of Peace or War Introduction: After the crisis of 9/11, the religion of Islam has raised a number of controversies. More specifically, the issue of Islam as a harmonious religion or not. In the last fifteen years, after 9/11, there has been multiple disputes among those believing Islam as a religion of peace, and those who believe otherwise. With any debate, numerous questions spring up to force the majority to believe their beliefs are the truth. Some of the questions or disagreements are as follows: What is Islam and what does it signify? Does Islam promote violence and terrorism? What is the Islamic view of terrorism? What does the Quran say about war? Is there anything in Islam that leads to suicide bombings or terrorism? Was America attacked by Muslims on 9/11? Where are the Muslim peacemakers? What is Jihad? Do Muslims support Al-Qaeda? Did Muslims support bin Laden when he was alive? In Islam, is it ever justifiable to kill innocent civilians? Why is there a considerable amount of conflict between Muslims and Jews? If Islam is considered to be a religion of peace, why is there a large group of conflict between Muslims? With various more questions to keep in mind, knowing additional facts about this controversy, can be of use to identify and make a stronger, more informed choice of Islam as a religion of peace or a religion of war. Timeline and Vocabulary of Controversy: There are many events that lead to the popular question of Islam as a
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