Islam, Science, and Evolution

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Since the 1800’s, the influence of Darwin’s theory of evolution has been taken into thorough consideration and repetitively debated to whether human biological development evolved from chimpanzees through out time along with the idea of how all life on earth came to existence. In fact, this theory has struck such a high level of controversey that it primarily became a crucial idea of intellectuality discussed within the West and around the world. Science and relegion have been the greatest factors which have shaped and mended values and ideas of western societies, essentially making a lasting impression on human history. Most writers and theologians believe that science and relegion are ideaologies which condradict one another and carry…show more content…
Given the novel Science and Religion by John Brook, he has emphasised that "religion has been defined in terms of a belief in supernatural beings or in terms of a commitment to some transcendent 'other', which serves to integrate one's life" (6). Another example would be T.H. Janabi's Clinging To A Myth where Bertrand Russell describes how "science depends on perception and influence; its credibility is due to the fact that the perceptions are as such as any observer can test" (15). And that is where problems arise. Since science functions within a world-view in regards of natural phenomena as the produce of life while the hypothesis of creation concerning the evolutionary theory cannot be tested, people automatially assume that creationism removes itself from the scientific realm. The term evolution essentially means very slow changes or particular alterations through out time. Muslims, the nation of Islam, agree with creationism and hold true to the fact that the Holy Quran consists of accurate information revealed about human exitence and that God created the world, the rest of the universe and all life forms many thousands of years ago. Since controvercial levels are high, individualists and organizations decided to create different belief systems in regards to evolution and creation hence each one must be specifically noted. Naturalistic evolution is a widespread belief system which
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