Islam Should Not Be Taught In Schools

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For 1,500 years, Islam has existed. It was founded by the Muslim Prophet Muhammad. Since its founding, Islam has been a religion of violence. Acts of murder, domestic violence, and excessive punishment all plague the Qur’an, the religious text to Islam. Muhammad condones the acts and even kill poets who made fun of him (Arlandson 2, 6). How can it be a religion of peace when its founder condones murder? The Qur’an also states that any Muslim should kill non-believers unless they choose to convert. That is not very peaceful.
The work of Muslim terrorists continues to terrorize the world. Groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda wreak havoc upon those who choose not to join their “organizations”. According to Daniel Burke of CNN, “the jihadists are not recruiting 40 year-olds. They are targeting young people, who are besieged by conflicting media images and can move quickly from Internet inflammation to real world actions,” (Burke 5).
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A number of those followers are brainwashed into hating the West, more specifically, America. Some Americans people believe that Islam should not be taught in schools. If it is taught, then they believe that the violence encompassed in Islam would be required to be included in the lesson plan in the educational system. They suppose that people need to know that violence in Islam starts at the base of the religion. Even people in England believe that, “every Muslim in Britain should be cooperating with the authorities to track down the guilty” (Arlandson 12). That means snitching on radicals meeting in mosques that display extremist behaviors and plan to inflict some form of violence.
All in all, Islam is not a religion of peace. In the Qur’an, the religious text of Islam, there are multiple times where the founder of Islam and Muslim Prophet, Muhammad condones violence, domestic violence, murder and excessive punishment. It brainwashes and oppresses those who choose to
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