Islam, The Ottoman And Safavid Empire

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Islam, the Ottoman and Safavid Empire Every empire that has ever been created constantly evolves. They will grow or they will diminish. Many empires cease to exist and some even start over under a different name. Throughout history, faith and religion have been at the core of almost every successful empire. There are a lot of factors that play into their faith. Two of the greatest empires to ever exist were the Ottoman and Safavid Empire. The Ottoman Empire was so large that it spanned from the Iranian frontier in the east to Algeria. One of the central values that contributed to both empire’s success was religion: Islam specifically. Religion was key to their successes because it not only united people of all different religious backgrounds, but it also played a central role in the millet system, which was implemented by Suleyman the magnificent. Islam is a monotheistic faith founded by the prophet Mohammad. His followers, called Muslims, spread the religion throughout the Middle East, Asia and parts of Europe and Africa. The religion was founded in the Arabian Peninsula, a desert with little fertile soil and farming. Most of the Arabs lived in desert tribes, which were centered around family and ruled by clans. Mohammad was born in Mecca, now a holy city to billions of Muslims, and was orphaned at a young age and raised by his grandparents. Mohammad grew up to be a successful and honest merchant. In 610, the angel Gabriel told Mohammad that he was a prophet sent to earth
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