Islam : The Religion Of Islam And Islam

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Religion is something that is not easily defined. In order to even attempt to define it, one has to look at multiple religions. Muslims believe in only one god, those who practice Hinduism believe in multiple gods that are actually different aspects of one god, Buddhists believe that others have the ability to become perfect buddhists, Confucians believe humanity can be perfected through education of the way they should relate to others and the world around them, and Daoism focuses more on the way people relate to the cosmos. However, all these religions are united by a the common thread of how people relate to the world and what this relationship should be like.
The religion of Islam started after Muhammad was visited by Gabriel during one of his annual seclusions in a cave. After receiving what are considered to be divine revelations, he established and led a theocracy known as Islam. He accumulated followers, known as Muslims, who believe he is the last prophet and that his revelations from the Gabriel make up the Qur’an. The Qur’an inspired the idea of fana, passing away, and the practice of hajj, the last of the five pillars which Islam has been built on. The Qur’an is key to the way Muslims believe their life and death relate to Allah, because of its revelations about the Days of Resurrection and Judgment and the mir’aj, Muhammad’s one night ascent to heaven.
In order to become a Muslim, a person has to bear witness by declaring that there is no god except God and

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