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Maggie Petersen
Mr. Miller
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18 May 2016
Islam v. Christianity Since the conception of humanity, a plethora of controversy has arisen over the religious beliefs held by disparate individuals or groups, and whether their ideologies are accurate or not. In the United States, a region infamous for being home to many diverse cultures and religions, disputes regarding religion have emerged everywhere from court cases to schools. People are frequently compelled by religions because religious beliefs possess great leverage on the positions that individuals hold in other aspects of life, such as governmental issues and lifestyle choices. Among these contentious religions are Islam and Christianity, two of Earth’s most popular religious groups. In 2010, Christians comprised nearly thirty-one percent of the world population, with Islamic individuals coming in a close second composing twenty-three percent of the global population. ( This evidence suggests that among all religions in the world, most of Earth’s inhabitants have chosen to adhere to both Christian and Islamic morals. However, even though both religions are popular, this does not signify that they correspond to the other’s beliefs in any way. Although both religions correspond to acknowledging the existence of a greater being, the disparities between…

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