Islam and Christianity in Allah: A Christian Response

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When I first read the book “Allah: A Christian Response”, I was thinking of brutality of Serbians in Bosnian war, but this book was beyond of my expectations. The author makes interesting points, compares person and ideas very efficiently, mentions some events from the past whose memories disturb the peace of present very wisely, and tries to find common grounds between two major populations in the world. The author states his interest that the proper Christian stance toward the God of the Qur’an and what that stance means for Christians’ and Muslims’ ability to live together well in a single and endangered world to ease animosities and overcome conflicts. As long as Christians and Muslims continue to dialogue the conflicts will be solved and eased animosities with time. People, who are open to dialogue, by forming favorable environments, will contribute to the universal peace. From my perspective, through dialogue, misunderstandings that built up for years are discussed and tried to find a common ground. The friendships between people believing in different religions lead to change people’s point of view to each other. An aspect of mutual respect and love will increase the opportunities of friendships, co-operations, initiating common projects, and better understanding each other. I feel in my conscience that I, as a Muslim, believe in the same God with my fellow Christians. Especially, after I started to study in Moravian Theology, I witnessed many common

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