Islam and Democracy: Can They Coincide?

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The western world is constantly telling countries in the Middle East and in northern African countries who are predominantly Muslim, to build a democratic government and their troubles will be solved. This leads one to ask the question Can Islam and a democracy coinside together? Democracy gives power to the people and in that power the people can elect and choose a politician to represent the people and not just Islam. Before one answers that question there are several factors into why it has been an uphill battle for Muslim countries to build a successful democratic government. History shows Muslim countries have lived in non democratic states, so democracy is completely unfilmilrue and the people can’t relate to democracy like they can…show more content…
"(Jamaal Diwan,2014 p.39). Al Qaeda, to a point could be considered a political system is which structures themselves as a government and make claims that its beliefs come from the divine source of Islam, however, hideous this idea may be to the peace loving religion of Islam. Iran’s Ayatollah, which adheres to the Quran and Sunnah, is also a form of political Islam. There are other political parties align themselves with a political Islamic government in Tunisia, Libya, Syria all come from the ideology governing with the Quran while also trying to maintain power through any means necessary.
If you examine these theocracy governments, all the political leader will tell you that Islam has the answers not only to spiritual understanding or economic needs but for social and political order, as well. “Islam in this sense of government creates then defines and regulates the relation between man and God but equally between man and man and also women and this includes the relation between the ruled and the ruler."(Jamaal Diwan,2014 p.39).The adherents to the faith also advocate that the ideal society as one in which Holy Prophet lived in Medina and there is a call for Muslims to model their lives the way the prophet did during his time . Muslim politicians ask their citizens for supremacy according to the Islamic law, and put Sharia law
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