Essay about Islam and Democracy

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Discuss the argument that characterise the debate about Islam and democracy Since the rise of the Islamic movements around the world especially in the Middle East and the current tension between Muslim and the Western countries in particular after 9/11, the different debates and arguments has been made by scholars, in particular Western intellectuals about the capability of the Islam to accept the principles of democracy. I will examine the relationship between Islam and politics, definition of Islam and democracy, the connection between Islamic teaching (Hadith and Quran) and Islamic movements and different perspectives of Islamists or Islamic countries. There are two different visions about the subject in which some argued that Islam…show more content…
Islam means the submission to the will of only one God (Allah) and his command and to accept the God’s sovereignty, while you are free to choose or to refuse as the Quranic verses explained the freedom of religion, “there is to be no compulsion in religion. Surly the right direction has been made clear and distinct from error……..” (Quran, II: 256) The term democracy originally is a Greek word which was created from demos “people” and kratos “rule”. Abraham Lincoln defined the term democracy as the “government of the people, by the people, and for the people”. However, in our contemporary modern era there are some different interpretations of democracy. Therefore, different kinds of democracy have been introduced such as Greek’s democracy that participation of only male allowed and excluded the slaves, women and foreigners. On the other hand, different forms of democracy have been presented by politicians as examples, liberal democracy, representative, parliamentary democracy and so on. Therefore, there is not a fixed and clear definition of democracy that accepted globally. There are various arguments about connection between Islam and
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