Islam and Jihad Essay

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The Arabic word Jihad literally means "holy struggle". It is not holy war. War is war. No war can be holy. The blood of humans is holy and sacred. The Quran says unjust killing of one man means the killing of the whole mankind. What is just killing and what is unjust killing. When some body kills a man without any reason or justification it is unjust killing. When the judge gives the capital punishment to this murderer and issues the order of his death, it is a just killing. Similarly, when a war is thrust upon you and you become the victim of persecution and aggression, you are permitted to defend yourselves and kill the invaders or perpetrators. There are some Muslims who believe in Jihad in the name of aversion and conversion.…show more content…
Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad gave us law and code of life. All preached brotherhood, justice, freedom, equality and peace. The prophets were the greatest champions of human rights. They boldly revolted against the tyrants, oppressors and aggressors.

Jihad by sword is only permissible when you are attacked. It is unfortunate that Islam is being branded as the religion of extremists, fascists, fundamentalists and terrorists. A few days ago some non-Muslim emailed me. He wrote; "Islam is the religion of terrorism and Muhammad was a terrorist." Why he wrote this? How he came to such a conclusion? First; he has neither studied Islam nor the life of the Prophet of Islam. Second he has read or seen the terrorist activities of some Muslim hard liners and extremists. Partly he is correct and partly he is incorrect. The Quran about mischief mongers and the enemies of peace candidly in Sura "The Cow"; "when it is said to them; ‘make not mischief on the earth'. They say; ‘we are only ones that put things right'. Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realize it not" (2:11-12). The serious, objective and rational study of the Quran testifies this verity that Islam strongly condemns bloodshed and aggression. It is a religion of peace. The Meccans attacked Muhammad thrice. The battle of Badr; the battle of Uhad and the battle of Trench are solid proofs of the fact that the Muslims of Medina
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