Islam as the Fastest Growing Religion in the World Essay

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Islam as the Fastest Growing Religion in the World [1] Shahid Athar, an American physician and devout Muslim said of Islam as a minority faith in the USA, "Although there is no restriction on the practise of Islam in this country, the environment is not always as favourable to new faiths as it may seem." Athar wrote this in an article called 'Reflections of an American Muslim', in the article, he writes about the problems he faces being a Muslim living in a multicultural society. Athar mentions various issues that he comes across in day to day life that he finds difficult to overcome whilst remaining …show more content…
For example, in many areas on the Indian subcontinent, Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity constitutes a greater proportion of faith compared to countries in the Middle East where up to ninety nine percent of the population are practises Islam.

When looking at the aspects of a Muslims life in which he/she is likely to face the most prominent issues, I decided that it would be more consequential to look at the issues posed when practising the five pillars of Islam, as they are central to the religion. "Islam can never be theoretical, it is always practical. If you have submitted to the will of God, then there must be practical signs of that submission. Those practical signs are the five pillars."2 Performing the five pillars, which symbolises the basis of Islamic practise, distinguishes a Muslim from a non-Muslim, but does living in a country where Islam is a minority faith have any effects on the practise of the five pillars?

"The edifice of Islamic religious belief and social practise rests on these five pillars."3 The five pillars of Islam
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