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"The dowry, previously regarded as a bride-price paid to the father, became a nuptial gift retained by the wife as part of her personal property" (Fanar). This quote sums up the transition of women from being property to an individual person. Women used to be sold and purchased, but Islam raised the status of the women within a society that never thought much of the female. In the past, certain societies believed marriage was nothing more than a status symbol. Women were thought of producing children and establishing a man’s family tree. During pre-Islamic Arabia, women had no rights and were not considered equal members of society. They were given no respect, and discarded when men grew tired of them. Women were considered lower than…show more content…
“Islam grants woman equal rights to contract, to enterprise, to earn and possess independently. Her life, her property, her honor are as sacred as those of man. If she commits any offense, her penalty is no less or more than of man's in a similar case. If she is wronged or harmed, she gets due compensations equal to what a man in her position would get” (Qur’an 2:178; 4:45, 92-93). The Qur’an states that women are given the right to participate in business and to own things independently, which is a very important statement. This verse shows that women are considered independent from a man, and are free to do as they please in an Islamic manner. Furthermore, it goes on to states if a women makes any kind of mistake, its punishment will be of equal measure to a man. When it comes to work, women are given a choice to work or not. Also, if they decide to work, their money is for them to keep and they do not have to use it toward financial expenses (Badawi). Islam changed the status of women in Arabia when it came to owning land and working. Before Islam was preached in Arabia, women were not given a choice who they were to marry; usually ending up being forced into a marriage. They were basically sold off to a suitor, and their previous family identity was stripped away from them. They became dependent on their husband, and given very little chances at freedom. However, Islam aimed to change the injustice by allowing women to have a choice in

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