Islam 's Influence On Western Civilization

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As history continues, many religions have had an over powering effect on western civilization. When the 5th century arose, the religion, Islam, had an extremely important impact on the civilization. Muhammad, an Arabic prophet founded Islam and began to introduce it the people of his time. Diplomacy, violence, warfare, public laws, and Arabic tradition played a crucial role in the building of the Islamic religion. These important aspects helped shape and build the Islam religion that is now one of the world’s most widely practiced religions. Muhammad now recognized as the most important person in the Islam religion, demonstrated diplomacy. Muhammad’s first followers became his family that stuck by his side, and obeyed his wishes. During the evolving of Muhammad’s teachings, he married eleven different women. “Muhammad’s marriages are often viewed in political terms. The early biographers state that Muhammad consummated marriage with at least eleven women in Medina, most of whom survived him” (Gordon 16-17). Marrying all these different women was nothing but strategy. His wives were from prominent political tribes, which meant that Muhammad was securing and creating political bonds between all of them. This was a very smart move on Muhammad’s part. By marrying all these different women, he had the power to influence the women of political power and move them toward the Islamic religion. This was mapped as the starting point for Islam and it eventually spread through the
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