Islam 's Views On Islam

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At first, the history of Islam is connected to Mohamed’s life. Mohamed was born in to a wealthy merchant Clan, which is now Saudi Arabia. On the other hand Muslims thought Islam began with God. Mohamed was raised by his uncle, because his parents and grandparents passed away. Mohamed lived the life of a Quryash Merchant then later married a girl by the name of Khadija. Mohamed started hearing voices and though he was going mad. But Khadija thought differently and told Mohamed that he was the chosen one. Mohamed searched for the true faith of Judaism and Christianity. Mohamed isolated himself in to the mountains near Mecca for retreat and mediation. Gabriel the Angel told Mohamed to recite the Koran. The Koran was only originally recited and not written down in one volume until after Mohamed’s death. This has brought controversy over the authentic composition. Mohamed’s wife was the first to convert.
Mecca’s envy of Medina resulted in a series of battles between the two cities, which helped provoke the “Battle of the Trench,” in which the Meccan’s surrounded the city of Median. Mohamed helped built tunnels and trenches for soldiers to get a way. Many of the people surrendered to the new Monotheistic faith, which combined Hebrew, and Christian faiths.
Muhammad the prophet, Islam had though had reached it’s define form, and Muslims believes also. This was called the seal of the prophet. This is a metaphorical term used to mean the "last prophet", the "last of the

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