Islam the Straight Path

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Islam The Straight Path

An evaluation of the book by John L. Esposito: Islam The Straight Path.

In this book , Esposito provides a succinct, up-to-date survey of the Islamic experience, an introduction to the faith, belief, and practice of Islam from its origins to its contemporary resurgence. He traces the emergence and development of this dynamic faith and its impact on world history and politics. He discusses the formation of Islamic belief and practice (law, theology, philosophy, and mysticism), chronicling the struggle of Muslims to define and adhere to their Islamic way of life. Equally important is the essential information Esposito provides on the contemporary world of Islam, from Muslim responses to the challenges of
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Coming to an end at the Muslims of Western Europe, the presence of Muslims in Europe is not a new force, but a generation of siege and conquer. Over the years Ottomans and other missionaries have put forward their idea of Islam in many parts of Europe, including Bosnia and Romania.

The Importance of Understanding Muslims and Islam:

Muslims and Islam are two related terms, at the same time different in its application. Let us first talk about the importance of understanding the term Muslims. Muslims are people who belong to the religion Islam. Muslims could act in various ways, presenting their actions differently, a Muslim from India or South Africa. Another good example of a Muslim view would be, the performance of their political and sect actions.

For example, Saidi Qutb of Egypt believed the west is corrupt in their actions and he has different view of the West. The other example would be Saudi Arabia's acceptance of United States Forces to land in the holy place of Islam and welcoming the west.

Our second question deals with the understanding of Islam. The message that this faith brings to the world is important to understand that Islam claims the holy message of God, a force that has brought a completion to the writings of the three holy books of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Islam is a religion that has brought peace,
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