Islamic Civilization And Its Impact On Society

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Accounts of Islamic civilization can be seen in many different things, including religion, art and architecture, science and philosophy, and gender roles, which all show the ways that it contributed to not only the past society but today’s world as well. In four lectures at a public library, I will be describing Islamic civilization using the four topics previously mentioned along with some others. These lectures will describe the history of Islamic civilization, some major contributors to the civilization, and what impact these discoveries and contributions made to their society and the world we live in today. There will be some conflicts with people in the audience who do not agree or believe the facts about Islamic civilization that I am lecturing about. One person is going to argue that women have no role in Islamic civilization while the other person will say that non-Muslims also have no role in Islamic civilization. In my first lecture, I will be talking about how Islamic civilization can be seen through religion and how it contributed to the things we know about Islam today. Religion can be seen differently depending on the person, therefore it is good to keep an open mind about what others believe regardless of your beliefs. I will mention people who contributed to the religion of Islam and what they did; such as Muhammad. Muhammad was the first prophet. He came across people who had nothing to believe him and lead them to his religion. In doing that, he…
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