Islamic Empires Have Been Fighting For Decades

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Over the centuries two Islamic Empires have been fighting for decades. “”The Ottoman ruler, Selim I sent a letter to the Persian rival, Isma’il I, leader of the Shi’ite Safavid state.””(Sunni versus Shi’ite) “” Isma’il had entered Ottoman territory and had demanded that Ottoman subjects accept Shi’ism.””(Sunni versus Shi’ite) In response to this Selim I threatens him with this letter. One thing lead to the other and eventually Isma’il I and Selim I had a war. “”Selim I won the battle of Chaldiran in 1514 and protected his territory from Shi’ite encroachment. “” (Sunni versus Shi’ite) Selim I quoted from the Quran saying that the land shouldn’t be played with it was given to them to their god the lord, by the same god that rules over Isma’il and his people the Shi’ites of the Safavid Empire. During this time the Ottoman Empire was pretty strong military and financially wise. The Ottoman Empire was better equipped for war, since out of the two groups they lasted the longest, since “”the Safavids were replaced by a regional dynasty, the Qajar’s and disintegrated due to pressure of tribal invasions.”” (Pamuk, 2004) Selim I and Isma’il I both are Muslim just some different views on things, but they believe in Allah their god. To them Allah gave them the land that they are on and it should not be played with because what is theirs is theirs. “”We have not created the heavens and the earth in order to play a game.”” [Qur’an, 21:16] From reading this is it very odd that he did
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