Islamic Extremism And The Islamic World Essay

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Many people think terrorism and islamic militancy is a product of long-lasting religious traditions in the islamic world. However, when delving deeper into the origins of this radical violence related to islam, and the middle east, it becomes apparent it is connected to many different global and political factors that have led to it’s significance on the world-stage. The question arises, why is Islam so directly connected to violence? This can be due to the lack of knowledge, it is essential to recognize the need for a more accurate understanding of Islam. In order to make sense of the jihad, for instance, it is helpful to know more about Islamic understandings of God, revelation, and the religious and social requirements for the faithful. Events which may have had individuals questioning acts of terrorism are events such as, 9/11, the attacks in France and the drone strikes. Although many people today believe that that religious fanaticism causes terrorism, it isn 't true. It may be true that religious fanaticism creates conditions that are favorable for terrorism. But we know that religious nationalism does not cause terrorism because there are many religious fanatics who do not choose terrorism or any form of violence. Moreover there must also be other conditions that in combination provoke some people to see terrorism as an effective way of creating change in their world. Terrorism is a complex phenomenon; it is a specific kind of political and global violence committed
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