Islamic Extremism Is Becoming A Global Matter

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Since Islamic extremism is becoming an alarming concern within countries, there has been an increase in the prejudice against Muslims. Data received from United States citizens represent a concern of Islamic extremism that went from 36 to 53 percent, whereas in Europe, the average increase was 27 percent (Poushter, 2015). This exemplifies the idea of Islamophobia. To fully comprehend how attitudes toward the Islamic religion have changed in the past decade, one must consider the history of Islam, and the societal and cultural changes pertaining to Islam. Islamophobia is becoming a global matter, and one must be aware to understand religious conflicts, as it can immensely influence society.
The religion of Islam originated from the Prophet Muhammad whom Muslims believe that he was chosen to spread God, or Allah’s message (“The Prophet”, n.d.). According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, around the middle of his life, he began to experience visions and hear voices. Muslims believe this to be the time when Archangel Gabriel appeared before him and told him to recite in the name of his lord. Muhammad then began to spread his monotheistic message. His new religious movement had to immigrate and it became known as Hijra. Afterwards, Islamic believers returned and the expansion of Islam continued. Furthermore, Islamic beliefs state he was the only person to see both heaven and hell while living. Lastly, when the prophet died, he didn’t specify a successor. From this point, two

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