Islamic Ideas on Arranged Marriages

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Unlike western societies, where love is a precondition to marriage, in many other parts of the world it is still not a requirement. A popular saying among these traditional cultures is first comes marriage, and then comes love. The Islamic community is one of the many cultures that embrace arranged marriages. Until very recently, research on Islamic marriage and family formation have been sparse. Raeann Hamon summarizes this absence of information perfectly, "The paucity of scholarly research in this are is particularly striking given the dramatic increase of Muslims throughout the world. This lack of research has led to misunderstandings and prejudices that can only be rectified through greater knowledge." (123). Contrary to popular belief, the Islamic ideas of arranged marriage propose a traditional and sensible approach to marriage. An arranged marriage is a marriage planned and agreed to by the families or guardians of the bride and groom, unlike a love marriage, also called autonomous marriage, which is completely driven by choice. Decades ago brides and groom would be arranged to be married by their families with little or no say, in some cases the bride and groom would not even meet until the wedding day! However, modern arranged marriages have become more practical and less restricted. Today’s brides and grooms are allowed courting periods, input, and approval. Arranged marriage isn’t a cruel,…

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