Islamic Islam : A Muslim Religious Leader Or Chief Essay

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Vocabulary Jihad – a dispute or war between followers of Islam faith and those who do not follow the Islam faith; a struggle within a Muslim between good and evil (Dictionary) Hijab – a covering which is worn by women of Islam faith this wrap covers their “head and chest” this is used to shows the woman’s modesty (Hijab) Fatima – the name of Muhammad’s daughter (Dictionary) Kaaba – a sacred building made of “black stone” in the shape of a cube in Mecca and when in prayer Muslins turn in this direction (Dictionary) Hajj – a journey to Mecca made by a Muslim as an adult done at least once within their life (Dictionary) Muezzin – a person of Islam faith which announces prayer to Muslims at the set times every day (Dictionary) Imam – “the title for a Muslim religious leader or chief” (Dictionary) Mosque – a place of worship for the Islam faith (Dictionary) Minaret – the “slender tower” with balconies in which a muezzin announces prayer time to Muslims (Dictionary) Sharia – law believed to have originated from the “Koran, hadith, ijam, and qiyas” (Dictionary) Khadija/Hadjiha – a women who hired Muhammad as she was a “widow of a wealthy merchant”; later marry Muhammad and they had six children (Khadijah) shia/Shiite – refers to a member of a Islam faith which believes Ali is the “legitimate successor of Muhammad” (Dictionary) Sunni – a member of one of the “divisions of Islam” faith which basis is faith on “Sunna as a basis for law” (Dictionary) Minbar – is area in which a sermon
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