Islamic Muslims And Radical Islamic Terrorists Essay

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There is a lot of fear surrounding the events currently taking place in the Middle East. People see Radical Islam as an immediate danger, and assume that all practicing Muslims are just as violent, and share those beliefs and unhinged views. However, these thoughts hold no veracity, and people need to be able to differentiate practicing Muslims with radical Islamic terrorists. The values and ideas promoted by Radical Islam are not in any way supported by true Islamic citizens. The Muslim religion has been through a lot of strife. Muslims have engaged in civil wars between Sunni and Shiah forces for over hundreds of years. Over the course of that time there has been distinct lines drawn and it is known that there is conflict between the two sects. But Radical Islam takes this to a new level as they contort the Muslim religion and fracture into different categories. There is one center goal, and it is to create a caliphate and to destroy anyone that doesn’t agree with their mindset. Very little of the population is truly aware of the history of the religion of Islam, or conflict in the Middle East for that matter. The partition in the Muslim religion between Sunni and Shiah, stems from an argument over who the true successor of Muhammad is. The Shiah sect believes that the successor to Muhammad was his son-in-law Ali, while the Sunnis disagree. This divide has created an immense amount of internal discord between Sunni and Shiahs. This has led to years of violence, hatred,
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