Islamic Organizations Post World War II

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As we get farther into the book, I become more intrigued into the events that took place in America in regards to Islam. I never actually knew the broader history behind the enlargement of Islam in the United States. The formation of different Islamic organizations post World War II was very interesting, because it created a society where Muslim immigrants can unite; such as the Nation of Islam and the FIA. I found that the sociological, and political aspects of these religion-based communities and organizations were very relevant to the issues that many Muslims had to deal with. However, some of the organization’s teachings and actions seemed questionable. Also, the book is very difficult to understand as it gets very in depth with fact after fact but not much background information, which makes it hard to follow the points that author, Kambiz GhaneaBassiri is trying to get across. That being said, I would like to focus on the chapter 6 readings, and the author’s style of writing. To begin with, throughout the book, A History of Islam in America, the author has a specific style of writing where he makes the book extremely dense to read. From chapter one to chapter six so far, there is a lot of information that he gives us as readers with fact after fact, but not a lot of detail on the main points that he is trying to make. This can make the reading that we have been doing highly confusing to understand. As he begins to make a very significant point that had to do with
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