Islamic Reform Since 9/11

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The religion of Islam garners large amounts attention. Many believe it is a violent and backwards religion. Since 9/11, "Islamic reform" has become an all-purpose phrase: equally a western impulse to protect itself from Muslim violence and a humanist notion aimed at assisting voiceless Muslims (Eteraz1). Extreme displays of Islamic faith such as the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11 have generated negative stereotypes about Islam as a religion. These stereotypes of violence and backwards thinking have been further perpetuated by even more recent examples of extremism by Muslim terrorists. Although most Muslims are peaceful and do not endorse the violence of their Muslim brethren, there are some who believe it is their…show more content…
This is why there has been a very strong pressure for Islam to be rehabilitated. There is a pressure being put on Islam to change by the modern world, especially the west, and to comply with these modern values that seem to be practically global. If Islamic Authorities incorporate theses western ideologies into their religion it could lead to the natural evolution of Islam into a peaceful and modern faith capable of existing cohesively with the rest of the world.
Particularly, the problem with Islam lies within the Koran. Its summons to warfare, conquest, enslavement, and social and economic persecution of vanquished peoples have given it the reputation of an aggressive religion (Solway2). Some assumed that for Islam to remain a major historical religion it must withhold theses values and continue their practice. Islam May be contextualized to better suit the needs and religious values of its present generation. Other major historical religions have been contextualized by new generations and so can Islam. Religions often take on the characteristics of its people and if Islamic authorities are able to shift the majority of Islam followers, they will be able to change the course of its religion. In every religion there are purists who would hold tight to the historical context of their religion. For Islam, these people are called Islamists. In the past they have hindered Islam from moving forward by rejecting western or
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