Islamic Religion And The Islamic World

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As the Islamic religion rose, both the Persian, and Eastern Roman Empire began to collapse. In the seventh and eighth century, the rise of Islamic religion began to quickly move to rule the territories, taking over to create what is now a very important change in Islamic history. The rise of Islam began in the Arabian desert, showing great change for Islam as a religion, as well as the nature of the Islamic empire, but eventually this great rise began to collapse. The events that took place, is considered to be one of the quickest and affecting movements in history. As the movement took place, the Islam introduced a powerful political system, as well as the Islamic beliefs of faith. This was a genius and powerful take over that would rise for a while, until the rise eventually fell into the hands of the Mongols. The growth of the Islamic world changed history forever; one of the biggest steps that made Islam what it is today. Islam as a religion consisted of many life guiding rules, following these rules would lead people to the one true God, who 's name is Allah. Allah is the one and true God, with no partner equal. The Islamic religion is of truth, there are major elements that turned the Islamic empire into a success. For example the five pillars of Islam, and Sharia law. The five pillars of Islam are shanadah meaning, there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger, salat meaning, prayers are to be done five times a day facing Mecca, third is zakat, give
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