Islamic Religion Of Islam And Islam

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Peace, Purity, Submission and Obedience; these four words establish the fundamental explanation of the word Islam. A deep study of Islamic teachings and thought reveals that Islam is a religion of peace, security and protection; the true believers in the sight of God and His Messenger are those who embody those qualities. The dominant religion of Islam has been the center of much attention and controversy in today’s civilization. The Western perspective subjugates Islam and the Muslim counterparts as violent, aggressive, deviant and terroristic; all of which have no factual significance to the religion of Islam and the teachings of the scriptures of the Holy Quran. However, growing incidences of suicide terrorism in Islamic civilizations bestow this stereotypical belief of the Islamic religion connectedness to suicide terrorism. Hence, this depiction falsifies a true representation of Islam and the teachings of the Quran but perhaps has become the dominant ideology of Western Culture to instill fear, moral panic and demonize the religion of Islam in the creation of modern day Islamaphobia. The correlation of Islam and suicide terrorism is not an accurate representation of the teachings of the Quran and hadiths but rather a stereotypical misconception by preconceived Western ideologies. First, the teachings of Islam in regards to suicide terrorism and Jihad as elucidated in the Quran will be explored to establish the relation of suicide and Islam. Further, the Western

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