Essay on Islamic Society's Treatment of Women

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Islamic Society's Treatment of Women From the time of birth, a Muslim woman's place in Islamic society already has a shadow cast over it. Instead of the joyous cry that boys receive of "Allah Abkar"1 when they are born, a baby girl is welcomed into the world with a hushed Qurannic prayer.
Although Islam venomously denies its role in the suppression of women, a survey of
Islamic countries reveals that women are denied their humanity. The status of women in Islamic countries is undeniably inferior to men. Over the last twenty years, progress has been made in many countries which has helped elevate the roles which Muslim women play in their societies. Although progress has been made in certain countries, there still exist
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An example of this is in Bangladeshi society, where women are not allowed to speak the name of their husbands directly, because it is viewed as immodest and disrespectful.3 In addition to this tradition that has been adopted from Hinduism, women in Bangladesh are rarely referred to by their first name, but are instead addressed as men's wives, brother's sisters, or father's daughters.4
It is obvious from this simple fact that women are not viewed as individuals aside from what they give to the world of men. To supplement these simple practices of suppression, there are also sacred concepts and beliefs that exist in Islamic countries that display misogyny.5 Fatima
Mernissi writes:
Banning mixing of sexes and advocating the separation of men and women as the measure to alleviate all political crises is far from being a novelty in Muslim political history. It is a tradition, even a state tradition. Opposition forces claim past practice as the basis for treating women with contempt. A Muslim Sovereign in a crisis, facing hunger riots or popular revolt, immediately has recourse to the traditional practice of destroying the stores of wine and placing a ban on women leaving their homes, and especially on their using the same transportation as men, reducing them to the state of immobility in capitals like Cairo and Baghdad which are traversed by great rivers....Wine and
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