Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a military and political organization which is mainly led by nationals of Iraq and Syria. ISIS has committed crimes of unimaginable cruelty in Syria and Iraq but the international criminal court (ICC) does not have the power to open a case, according to Fatou Bensouda. The court was unable to prosecute because neither Syria nor Iraq were members of ICC. (ICC, 2015) Crimes which have been reported, consist of mass executions, sexual slavery, rape and other forms of sexual and gender-based violence, torture, mutilation, deployment and forced recruitment of children and the harassment of ethnic and religious minorities, and the destruction of cultural property.
ISIS Jihadists originated from Al-Qaeda and claim to be running a caliphate – an Islamic state ruled by one leader. They want to enforce their view of conservative Islamic traditions. The caliphate covers IS-controlled areas in northern Syria and North-Western Iraq. ISIS uses social media to spread fear. ISIS has more than 30,000 fighters known for their brutality and it is said to be raising more $2 million a day from oil sales, taxes, extortion and smuggling. The U.S. and Arab partners are launching airstrikes on Syrian targets to degrade and destroy ISIS. (BBC, 2014)
On October 30th, 2015, President Obama authorized boots on ground in Syria to assist in fighting ISIS. He has approved about less than 50 troops, but more could be sent. The troops will rotate in and out of Syria

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