Islamic State Of Iraq And The War On Terror

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(intro)September 11, 2001 is the defining moment in the annals of terrorism. Today, after the large ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the war on terror, US is stronger and better positioned to safeguard and support its interests against the risks of an insecure world. However, he still continues to face new dynamic challenges. I argue that the most pressing national security challenge facing the United States in the next 5-10 years is the violent extremism and terrorism derived from ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) group. MP1.ISIS is posing a persistent threat to our security and terrorist attacks within the US Homeland, but also against US citizens abroad and our Allies raise a grave danger. MP2Moreover, ISIS radical ideology undermines all the democracy values by which we live; the respect for human rights, the freedom of speech and religion. MP3 The two main factors that influenced my interpretation of ISIS challenge are the potential risk that ISIS could attain and use weapons of mass destruction, and MP4 its capability to recruit, radicalize and motivate, especially young people, to terrorist acts. MP5 US should continue to lead the fight with our Allies and partners to dismantle ISIS terrorist organization and its violent extremism ideology. MP1. The numerous deadly attacks that took places, especially in Western cities, show that ISIS is posing a persistent threat to our security and terrorist catastrophic attacks within the US Homeland, but also
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