Islamic World View Beyond Islamic Development Strategy Essay

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Islamic World View Beyond Islamic Development Strategy, Is It There?
Allan Bullock and S.Trombley (1999) refer ‘worldview’ to a general conception of the nature of the world, particularly as containing or implying a system of value-principles. What constructs such a system of value-principles may vary depending on each fundamental belief. It becomes essential to know the various type of worldview as it helps us to comprehensively understand our own worldview and gain insight from others. Just as a mirror allows us to see our own face, so an alternative coherent worldview illuminates and clarifies our own worldview (Zaman, 2008).
Differences in worldview are the essential foundation of differences in any system, including economic system. As Chapra (1992) said that worldview performs the same function for an economic system as the foundation does for a building: even though the supporting foundation is invariably invisible and unmentioned, it continues to play a determining role.” In general, there are three major economic systems which based on completely distinct worldviews: capitalism, socialism, and Islamic economic system.
Capitalism and socialism as the prevailing systems have been proven to be unsuccessful in solving economic problems comprehensively. One of the failure evidence, global financial crisis in 2008, which demonstrated reckless financing instrument and moral deficiency, provides a wider opportunity for Islamic moral economy to be perceived
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