Islamic Youth : The Muslim Youth

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Yusuf Ozen
Muslim Youth Cultures The Muslim Youth in Turkey
Final Paper

After the fall of the Ottoman empire, Turkey received an identity as Modern Turkey from Kemal Ataturk. With Turkey being home to over 45 different ethnic and religious groups, this makes it a diverse and unique nation, with demographics varying depending on the region This goes to show how unity is important in a diverse country like Turkey for its future success. All of these contribute to the cultural makeup of this country. Turkey’s current population is 78 million. According to a report, 70% of Turkey will reach working age by the year 2023. (United Nations 87 ). This goes to show that right now there is a very large young population in Turkey that is on the verge of joining the workforce. This will dramatically affect the economy in Turkey. As it relates to society, this has great cultural implications, because the next generation will make up the moral fabric of society.

In order to understand the Turkish youth culture, it is important to first understand the current political climate in Turkey, because politics can determine the mood of a country and its culture. Turkey’s party system currently consists of four main political parties, the Justice and Development Party, Republican People’s Party, Nationalist Movement Party, and the Peoples’ Democratic Party. Each party has a huge political clout in the country, especially in the specific regions in Turkey. All the parties have an enormous
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