Islamic and Middle East World Conflicts

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Discuss with reference to at least two conflicts.

Historically, there have been many problems in the Middle East due to foreign occupation. Middle East has always been hot and it is still hot. However, there seems to be no end to the fire. There have been a lot of peace talk in the region, but the conflicts still is still unresolved. In this paper, I will discuss the top three conflicts in the Middle East that stands as the biggest constraint to peace in the region. First conflict is the conflict between two islamistgroup Hamas and Fatah, second conflict is the Arab-Israeli conflict, and finally Syrian civil War.
The Arab-Israel conflict started over a land. Both Palestinian Arabs and Israeli wanted the right to the same land. During the WW II Britain promised both sides a state in Palestine. After the war, the British Empire gained control of Palestine. The British mandate opened Jewish immigration into Palestine. Arab Palestinian population felt threatened by increase of few population and fights broke out on both side. The rise of Hitler and Zionist activities also contributed to the increase of Jewish immigration to Palestine and conflict grew.
In 1947, the united nation intervenes by giving 56 percent of the territory of Palestinian to the Jews even though they made up two-thirds of the population. Arabs rejected the UN plan for Palestinian because the…

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