Island Man and Blessing

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Compare “Island Man” by Grace Nichols with “Blessing” by Imtiaz Dharker Water is a necessity of life and affects people both physically and mentally. The poets Grace Nichols and Imtiaz Dharker explore the different themes of water in their poems “Island Man” and “Blessing”. These two poems give us a perspective of the cultures and lives of the people described in the poems, but are based on the running theme of water. Although they appear to be very different, they do have some similarities. Looking first at “Island Man”, Grace Nichols, the poet, was born in Guyana in 1950, one of seven children. Her father was a headmaster and her mother a piano teacher. When she left school she met Agard and left her Caribbean island in 1977 to go with…show more content…
The words “groggily groggily” are set out further to the right of the page, which symbolises the pivotal point in the poem when the pace and tone changes. The repetition of the word “groggily” shows the repetitiveness of how he comes back to reality: every morning he wakes up and drags himself back to reality, even though he doesn’t want to. It could also imply the use of alcohol and how maybe the island man is hung-over in the mornings as he might use alcohol to help him get through the days. In these first two stanzas the island is portrayed as a beautiful, wild place; a “small emerald island”, which seems to have a relaxed atmosphere, where the sea and water dominate the lives of the people there and it is where he belongs. After the pivotal “groggily groggily”, island man wakes up and comes back to reality. The first line says: “Comes back to sands”; by saying this the poet is playing on words as it should be “sounds” but a cockney would have pronounced it as “sands”. This is important because the sounds are what the island man wakes up to and “sands” is beach imagery, which could show he still feels sleepy and confused when in his dream. The capital letter shows the change in the poem, when he is waking up. He hears the sounds of London, “of a grey metallic soar to surge of wheels to dull North Circular roar” this describes London in a bad

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