Island Politics In The Nineteenth Century

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Politics was a major topic for Americans around the nineteenth century, between 1876 to 1896 a 79 percent of the electoral vote made of a majority of white men. Women and blacks had major challenges when they tried to vote. For Women, they were denied the right to vote in national elections. The National Women Suffrage Association challenged this right in 1875 yet it was denied and only after 1900 a few states started to allow women to vote. Many states used a different method to keep black voters out of the polls. In Georgia, a poll tax kept the poor blacks out, while in Mississippi used literacy tests and Louisiana passed the grandfather clause in 1898 which when combined with a literacy test it denied most blacks yet allowed most white men to vote.…show more content…
In 1820 the first American arrived as missionaries and settled down there. The reciprocity treaty of 1875 made Hawaii depended on the united states by allowing sugar to pass freely and restriction the monarchy’s power. In 1890 the McKinley Tariff Act ended the free trade and valued American producers this caused the economy to suffer greatly. the new queen decreed a new constitution that shifted the power to the natives instead of the white Americans that had previously influenced the island politics. However, this caused a revolted in January of 1893 that lasted three days. In February of 1893, a threat was sign annexing Hawaii to the united states but it was ratified. This caused an investigation to happen that later lead to the republic of Hawaii when foul play was found. However, Hawaii was still on the agenda of many people in the congress with it being in an ideal location. Finally, In 1898 a joint resolution to annexation Hawaii was signed on July 7,
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