Isle Royale

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Isle Royale Exercise 1: The Moose Arrive [5.1] - The approximate size of the stable moose population is about 640. [5.2] – The approximate maximum size the moose population attained was 850. [5.3] Right click the graph and select “Copy View to Clipboard” and paste it here. [pic] [5.4] - Give me the approximate years – The approximate years it took for the moose population to increase to the approximate maximum of 850 are approximately 8 – 24 years. [5.5] - The moose population grew fastest when: The moose population grew fastest when resources were in high abundance and it was at its largest. [5.6] Use a shape (like an arrow) to show me – The approximate carrying capacity of the…show more content…
[7.3] – A biological explanation why the moose population overshoots its carrying capacity when they first colonize Isle Royale is because there was an abundance of resources which stimulate a high reproductive rate and the island was devoid of predators. [7.4] Use a drawing tool to show what the population would look like, with population size on the y-axis and time on the x-axis. Please also briefly describe your graph in words. At year 50 or later, with the moose population at its carrying capacity, if an extra 200 moose suddenly arrived on Isle Royale the population graph will show a sharp increase and then return to a new carrying capacity. [9.1] – Yes my predictions were correct in respect to question 8.3. [9.2] – The carrying capacity of the moose population on Isle Royale after the addition of 200- 300 new moose is approximately 230. Exercise 2: The Wolves Arrive [2.1] – I predict that the moose population graph will change by depicting a decrease with predatory wolves in the system. [4.1] Copy and paste your graph as before. [pic] [4.2] – The introduction of wolves have caused the moose population size to decrease. The population fluctuates from time as it decreases with the wolf population which also fluctuates.The moose population is approximately two times smaller. [4.3] – It is noticable that the population of moose and wolves go through cycles. At eqilibrium the moose
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