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Competitive Landscape The golf industry is a competitive industry. It is especially competitive for Islington Golf Club. Islington has a lot of competition, 30 other courses within a 30 minute drive from Toronto and several located within 5-10 minutes. Many of the courses located close to Islington Golf Club have recently undergone renovations or have more amenities to offer members. These factors make it hard for Islington to get new members because they do not have the extra money for renovations and upgrades. Regulatory Islington Golf Club has a board that includes 10 members with 8 committees. These committees include: Membership, Management, Building, Finance & Legal, Green, Nominating, Captain’s and Ladies’ Captain’s.…show more content…
This gives Islington Gold Club the advantage of having the high-end community residents wanting to become members of the facility. This also gives them the potential to market towards the resident’s younger generation, potentially creating profit for the feature. Islington Golf Club has a unique feature, a walk-on tee time system. Not many golf courses use this type of system, most golf courses you have to book a tee-off time. This system gives members a chance to socialize and interact with one another, which many members valued. A lot of people in this busy economy would love to show up on a golf course whenever they wanted and have a tee-off in reasonable time. Weaknesses There are also some weaknesses here that need to be addressed. Some of the facilities are not up to many members standards. The clubhouse underwent some renovations but still needs more to keep up with some member’s standards. Members found the clubhouse “tired” and lacked ambience, the formal dining room was closed due to that fact. Food and Beverage sales have a $103,379 loss. Islington Golf Club has a major weakness, the club lacked a long-game practice facility, which other clubs in the area have. This problem is the most difficult for Islington Golf Club to fix, because of land constraints. This may drive potential members to another club because Islington does not have that feature

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