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The entire Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards focus on actions/ skills that leaders should be modeling in their schools, and there is not one standard that is more important than another. Leaders should be concentrating on how to make the learning environment more effective for student learning. In this essay I will give the challenges faced in that standard and the purpose of the standards and how do they impact that educational community.
Taking a look at standard 1, a leader has to focus on creating visions and goals for students to be successful. One of the challenges I see is that a vision and goal is very important and having to create a vision and goal that can be attained by every student isn’t as easy as
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Consequences have to be set for those students that get involved in bad behaviors. As leaders this take a lot of creative thinking to where students can really learn from their mistakes, this helps the students make the decision that they don’t want to do them anymore. Constant OSS days doesn’t affect students nowadays, so coming up with a program for the constant offenders to help them get back focused on what is important. In standard 4, leaders have to focus on diversity and acknowledge their importance. The struggle with this is know how to acknowledge them and have not feel left out in the school. You have to include everyone into decisions that are being made around the school. The key here is build relationships which builds trust as well. Feeling appreciated and knowledge can go a very long way. You can learn a lot from other cultures and could be a good resource for learning and making connections in everyday life. In standard 5, leaders should work with integrity and in an ethical manner. The challenge with this standard is understanding how to be fair in all instance and doing the things that are ethical. A lot of other influences can come in and influence leaders the wrong way so they must be able to work with integrity.
Finally standard 6, a leader has to be aware of what is going on in society today, whether it is news politically, economically or culturally. SO
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