Iso 9001 Quality Management System

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ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001 is a Quality management standard which is recognised internationally and used by organizations worldwide. It can be used by business of all sizes, it provides an effective quality management system. It was first published in 1987 (updated 1994, 2000, 2008). The latest version was published in 2015. This replaces all the previous editions. (Praxiom Group 2014) Suggested Modifications to ISO 9001:2015 Employee Support: It is important that you have a strategy to get the support of the employees and stakeholders for an implementation project. Make sure that you discuss with people on key changes, seek advice and opinions, and provide clear communication to the people affected by the changes that your…show more content…
So, the standard should contain regulation for insurance and health check-up for the employees. FLOW CHART (Process Implementation) The Seven Basic Quality Tools for Process Improvement. 1. Cause and effect diagram 2. Check Sheet 3. Control Charts 4. Histogram 5. Pareto Charts 6. Scatter Diagram 7. Stratification The above highlighted quality tools have been discussed below Check Sheets Check sheets are tools which contains a collection of items and an indicator which shows how often each item on the list occurs. It makes the data collection process easier by categorizing events that are likely to occur. The performance of check sheet can be amplified if it is used with other tools such as Histograms and Pareto analysis. “Ishikawa estimated that 80% to 90% of all workplace problems could be solved using only the simple quality improvement tools”. (Thomas Pyzdek 2015) The various types of check sheets are Recording check sheet, check list, Process check sheets, Defect check sheets, Stratified defects check sheets, Defect location check sheet, Cause and effect diagram check sheet. (Thomas Pyzdek 2015) 1. Recording Check Sheet It is a simple form of check sheet used to collect measured or counted data in a tabular form. Data is collected by making tick marks. It can be broken down to show shift, day or month. One precaution to be taken is to leave enough room to write individual measurements. Table: An example of Recording check sheet.
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