Essay about Iso9000 and Sears’ Quality Management System

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Executive Summary

Case Study
The study highlights probable challenges experienced during the process as being:
• Communication
• Belief in ISO
• Consistency

The study presents statements on these as practical hurdles and is supported by references responding to each.

Following this, the Quality Management Principles engaged during are Sears experience are presented and shown to have been instrumental in resolving the challenges listed above. This also is supported by references from a various sources.

Case Study
ISO9000 and Sears’ Quality Management System

Key Issue #1
What issues do you think that a large company such as Sears had to face in implementing ISO9000 across its vast organisation?

Due to Sears’ size and
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Key Issue #2
How are the ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management Principles reflected in this example?
How might these principles have helped Sears address the issues you identified in the first question?

The 8 Quality Management Principles can be grouped as such:
Human Value
• A Customer Focus
• Leadership
• Involvement of People

Corporate Value
• Process Approach
• System Approach to Management
• Factual Approach

Outcome Value
• Continual Improvement
• Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

Sears used the Human Values to:
• set the goal of achieving ISO9000;
• build trust and belief in ISO by empowering staff to make decisions and take ownership of achieving ISO registration.

In order to deliver these, Sears used the Corporate Values by:
• connecting tasks with the resources required to complete them;
• investing in technology and people;
• collecting and sharing information supporting these developments

Through these Value groups, Sears built a structure around:
• importance and benefits of higher quality outcomes for the customer;
• leveraging its own quality and standards improvement so business partners may also benefit thus ensuring

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