Isolating Islam Research Paper

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Isolating Islam, to try to terminate terrorist threat, to try to enhance safety, to try to protect people, it's rather comical. Only someone as preposterous, and nonsensical as Donald J Trump, could have such a horrible perception of Muslims. It’s disgusting. Do you not agree? The media make out that all Muslims, wear C4 attached to their chest, all wish to kill, and all are evil, again it’s ludicrous. I bet you can name a Muslim that’s killed? Now ask yourself, can you name a Muslim that's accomplished greatness to our world? You can’t, can you? It is because the media fail to present us with a balanced view of the Islamic religion.

Many Muslims have become fearful, trying to become shadows of the human race due to the disgusting discrimination,
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Every single person has become afraid of a Muslim extremist group, called ISIS. The media presents the public with a very biased view of Muslims - the media shows all the terrorist attacks done by this Muslim extremist group, but very rarely shows the greatness that Muslims have done for the world- this giving the public the impression that every Muslim: Man, woman, child, and baby are terrorists. This is demoralizing. To think our so called intelligent species can believe such a discouraging view, make me rethink if we are as intelligent as we make out. A statistic shows that “Forty-nine people per year die from being struck by lightning — more than 15 times the rate of death from Islamic extremist murders.” Is Islam to blame for all terrorism? Obviously not. We refuse to think about what Muslim lives are like, I can only imagine it’s a living hell. Recently Muslim students in schools are asked things such as “Is that a bomb in your backpack?” or told “We all think you are a terrorist” These two powerful messages, makes me as a person feel completely repulsed; and surely someone as sophisticated and level minded as you can see how wrong this is. These are students after all. Students who want become educated and enlightened by new things, not brought down by uneducated
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