Isolation And Prejudice By Mary Shelley Essay

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Isolation and Prejudice in Frankenstein “Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently” (Sciglimpaglia). Today, United States still deals with many civil rights issues that bring to the forefront the issue of prejudice. People being prejudiced against leads to them feeling isolated or separated from society for just being different in one way or another. A sense of resentment or anger develops as the treatment continues. This anger leads to people doing rash things or brings out the best in people as in the case of Martin Luther King. Even today some sixty years after the Civil Rights Movement “ended”, there are still many protests and injustices taking place. Similarly, in the nineteenth century novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the “monster” suffers from mistreatment which leads to many of the same issues that people across the world suffer from today. An excerpt on Shelley’s background from Frankenstein states that her life, especially as a young adult, was “sad, melodramatic, improbable, and even tragic” with her mother dying at a young age (v). Shelley herself admits in the introduction that the story was born from a nightmare she had, giving reason as to why the story is so evil (xii). The isolation and prejudice which the monster experiences throughout Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is to blame for his aggressive behavior towards Victor. Society tends to reject and push away those who are different than
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