Isolation In Franz Kafka's 'Metamorphosis'

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Secluded From It All! Have you ever had that feeling that you were all alone or isolated from society? Many people deal with this unconscious feeling everyday. Having to go about your life everyday with this thought can be very depressing and can often lead to death. Just like the many people in the world, the main character, Gregor Samsa, also felt this way. Isolation refers to the situation of being alone and/or without others around. Due to his transformation, Gregor was immediately isolated unlike his other family members who chose to be away from their problems in the world. Everyone in the Samsa family has their own reasons of why they chose to be isolated from society. Due to these choices, the entire Samsa family also undergo…show more content…
Grete’s transformation had came to an end. She was no longer a teenager, restricted from the world and things she says, but was now a woman. She had now entered into adulthood and would not allow for the monstrosity to continue on any longer. Gregor’s father, Mr Samsa, didn’t have a job. As the head of a house typically they would have a job and be the ones providing for the family. In this case, Gregor was the head man of the house bringing in all of the money to pay back the family's built up debt. By refusing to go out into society and find a reasonable job, Mr. Samsa isolated himself. The book stated “ His father was healthy but old, and lacking in self confidence” ( Kafka 15).Having a lack of self confidence can be very detrimental to anyone and for Mr. Samsa, old age combined with lack of self confidence will not get you anywhere in society. This is another reason as to why he has internally chosen isolation from society. Once Mr. Samsa did finally obtain a job, he showed how his identity in society would be perceived. “ He was standing up straight enough now; dressed in a smart blue uniform with gold buttons, the sort worn by the employees at the banking
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