Isolation In Richard Cory, By Edwin Robinson

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Edwin Robinson was an American poet during the twentieth century. His intense dedication to his poetry allowed him to be considered one of the most unique American Poets of all time. Through his short poem Richard Cory, Robinson demonstrates his undeniable skill that is his poetry. On his incongruous portrayal of a quiet man that is admired by many, Richard Cory manages to entertain the reader as well as leave them overwhelmed with confusion. Robinson’s usage of theme, point of view, and tone allows the short poem to have quite an astonishing effect upon the audience. Isolation is a something that no one can ignore- or better yet control. Everyone at some point in their life experiences isolation that can be unforgiving. By focusing on the universal theme of isolation, Robinson constructs an importance. Although Richard Cory is ¨richer than a king” and “glittered when he walked¨, he is immersed in constant isolation from the others around him. Because of his exceptional praise and riches, one would expect Richard to be a reserved and happy individual, but this is wrong. It is obvious that he is dealing with eternal pain. Richard’s lack of emotional representation throughout the poem adds in conclusion that he is suffering from isolation. The point of view is crucial for any situation, whether it be someone else's or your own. Robinson’s usage of first person point of view limits the audience to only know the world that is being illustrated by the narrator. This then allows

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