Isolation Of Betulin From Bich Barks

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Betulin is a naturally occurring triterpene. Titerpenes have three terpene units with the molecular formula C30H48. Butelin gives a lot of rearrangements reactions with big biological importance. Usually the butelin is isolated from the bark of birch trees. It is present in concentrations up to 30% of the dry weight when it is extracted from the bark of birch trees. Nowadays the role of the compound in the bark is not known. In the current experiment butelin was isolated by extraction from birch bark with chloroform. Furthermore silica gel was used for the purification process. In the end a rearrangement reaction was performed, and allobetulin was produced from the betulin. Measurement of the yield was conducted for allobetulin, and IR,NMR…show more content…
Then the mixture with a few boiling chips were added in a reflux condenser for thirty minutes. After this period the hot chloroform solution was filtered through a Hirsch funnel, and three more washes of the bark were performed with additional hot chloroform, (3X10ml). In the last step for the purification of butelin the previous chloroform solution was passed over a microscale column of silica gel3 (9cm) and the clean product was collected in a 250ml RBF. Before the rearrangement reaction 10ml of the clean product was collected for evaporation using a rotary evaporator, for the determining of NMR spectrum. Moreover two drops of this product was used as a sample for TLC chromatography. The second step of this experiment includes the rearrangement of betulin to alloetulin. In this stage 120mg of p-toluenesulfonic acid were dissolved in the remaining chloroform solution of betulin. Then 3 drops of water and one small boiling chip were added in the solution and a reflux condenser was used for 60 minutes. After this period the chloroform solution was cooled for 15mins. Thereafter the solution was washed three times with 5% sodium bicarbonate and sodium sulfate was used to dry the chloroform solution. In the end, filtration of the drying agent and rotary evaporation of the chloroform solution, gave the alloebtulin. Finally two more drops of this product was used in the same sample of butelin
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